Inviting you into your unknown possibilities.  

The ENTRADA Career Connection Program

Do you feel stagnant, uninspired, or undervalued about your career?

Then this career program was designed for YOU!

ENTRADA is the innovative and comprehensive career coaching program designed by Rachel Newton.

Rachel has a proven track record of elevating
her clients' careers through:

Innovative Solutions

Easy to understand concepts
Fun processes 
 Tangible take-aways
and more

Building Confidence

Greater sense of Self
Improved boundaries
Improved communication
Career Clarity

Career Roadmap 

Co-create a tangible and personalized Entrada Career Plan for next career steps.

Action Focus

Empowering clients to propel and elevate their careers.


“Life is amazing and I’m feeling great, now, about expressing my personality through my helped me so much with this!”


"I am stuck!"


Does this sound like you?

"I  want to change my career, but I have no clue where to begin."

You are in the right place. The Entrada Career Connection Program will give you solutions to these obstacles:



You know you are in the wrong career, but you feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused about the next steps.


You feel trapped and frustrated about your career. You have no idea what you want to do, and can't see a way out.


You feel hopeless and tired because your career depletes your energy, motivation and joy. You've tried other career services, but it never worked for you!


Your career does not build on your key strengths. Your career has no meaning or purpose. 


You've tried other career services and you are still STUCK!

From Stuck to Your Ideal Career!

Take a journey that will help you gain career clarity that aligns with who you really are. Be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

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Co-create with Rachel a career direction that inspires and drives you. 

Discover the best fit career that excites, fulfills, and energizes you.

Recognize your career obstacles and develop a plan to overcome them.

Clarify your yeses and no's. Being empowered by Rachel to stay the course to find your True North - your ideal career to Work Your Dream!

Make a commitment to yourself to Be, Do and Have what you most desire!

Introducing the ENTRADA Career Connection Program

Discover Career Clarity and Confidence within 30 days and start to Work Your Dream!


The ENTRADA Career Connection Program is the first of its kind:

  • Empowering you to gain greater career clarity
  • Building career confidence
  • Placing you at the centre of its design
  • Drawing upon a holistic approach
  • A 360 Degree Approach to Career Exploration

ENTRADA Career Connection Program Features

Customizable, Personalised

A program designed around you and your needs.


Access to resources to facilitate creating positive change in your life and career.


Self-paced or structured format.

Fresh Approach

Experience a holistic approach for life and career exploration.

Results Focused

Gain clarity and confidence in 30 days.



Unearth the benefits of career alignment and mind, body and energy.


Thrive while transforming challenges into confidence.

Community Support

Connect with a supportive community of like-minded people.


I have talked about my career transition journey with many people and mention you with great reverence and appreciation every time :)

I am doing well and very happy with my life right now. My art career is coming along, and, though I still have a long way to go, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey!! I have had quite a few commissioned art pieces, which I have gradually increased my prices and I am working with the Arts Council at some of their kids art workshops, have a couple of adult students that I'm providing one-on-one art lessons to. And as well, I am taking one Emily Carr art class each semester to gradually earn a Drawing Certificate :)


Choose the ENTRADA Career Connection Program for:

Freedom from Fear

Understand your fears holding you back and create transformative change in your life and career.


Gain a better sense of who you are to feel confident and empowered in your career decisions.

Career Roadmap 

Create a tangible Entrada Career Plan to propel you towards the life and career you desire.

Take Action

Implement your strategic career management plan.

How it works?


Limiting beliefs, etc.



Blast Off!

Visualize, CDP, Entrada Roadmap, Implement


I came to see Rachel because I felt stuck in my job and noticed repetitive, destructive patterns in my career. The regular sessions with Rachel have set in motion a whole chain of events that eventually helped me find the answers that were buried inside me. Each time I met with Rachel, I walked away with a new realization or alternative perspective about my career, life and attitudes towards work. Our meetings also made me realize false beliefs I held about myself over many years. Rachel has made this possible by actively listening to me, asking questions and providing me with links to further resources like audiobooks and web pages when appropriate. I wish I had reached out to her earlier and would highly recommend Rachel’s services to anyone seeking career-related advice.


ENTRADA Career Connection Program Details (Group)

30-hour intensive comprised of interactive webinar masterclasses plus experiential interactive small group workshops. Transformative sessions will adapt and be tailored around group needs leading each participant to a more empowered sense of yourself, your life and your career.

Session I

Introductions and outline of the course for all  participants. This is the launching pad to start yourself on your new career path.

Sessions II & III

Masterclass: Exploration of your Limiting Beliefs & Fears.

Workshop: Deeper dive on the Limiting Beliefs & Fears and how to overcome & mitigate them. 

Sessions IV & V

Masterclass: Empowering Beliefs.

Workshop: Transforming Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs.

Sessions VI & VII

Masterclass: The Entrada Sort Activity Introduction.

Workshop: The Entrada Sort Activity exploration and group discussion. 

Sessions VIII & IX

Masterclass: Values Assessment.

Workshop: Values Assessment & Worksheet exploration & group discussion. 

Sessions X & XI

Masterclass: Skills Assessment.

Workshop: Skills Assessment review & group exploration & discussion.

Sessions XII & XIII

Masterclass: Career Criteria Activity.

Workshop: Career Criteria group exploration & discussion.

Sessions XIV & XV

Masterclass: Visualization Activity.

Workshop: Visualization group exploration & discussion.

Sessions XVI & XVII

Webinar Masterclass on your Career Development Profile.

Workshop on your Career Development Profile Sharing.

Sessions XVIII & XIX

Masterclass: Career Entrada Roadmap for Success.

Workshop: Career Entrada Roadmap for success group exploration & discussion.

Sessions XX & XXI

Masterclass: Career Entrada - Bringing it all Together and Next Steps for the Future. 

Workshop: Bringing it all together. Review of your process. Next steps. Final goodbye for group process.

Interactive Group Coaching for 3 months

Workshops & Masterclasses Intensive Program  


10+ hours of Live Webinars 


20+ hours Live Workshops

Group Support

Private Online Portal


Working with Rachel has given me the confidence to make decisions about my life and career. I was not sure what to expect when we met, but she made it easy to express myself. She helped with many aspects of my personal development and relationships with others at work and at home. Her professionalism, personable attitude and candour is much appreciated. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking to improve their lives personally and professionally.


I can't wait to meet you in the ENTRADA Career Connection Program!

I’m Rachel Newton and 13+ years ago, I had been wandering the vocational desert for over two decades feeling lost, stuck, burned out and miserable in my career.

I was successful in my corporate tech job but I was burned out, disengaged and unhappy.

I know from own experience and coaching 100's of clients that career change is not an easy thing to do, I want to help people gain clarity sooner. 

My proven ENTRADA Career Connection Program empowers you with the knowledge, resources and tools you need to feel confident in your next career move. 

This Program is Perfect for You if:

You are Stuck
  • You have hit a Glass Ceiling in your career.
  • Been in career for 5+ years and feeling stuck.
  • Feel disengaged and lack meaning in your career.
  • You are underemployed and/or underpaid and can't see a way out.
  • Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome are keeping you stuck.


Need to Start a New (ad)Venture
  • Career Transition: within the same industry or into a new industry.
  • Pivot into a completely new career.
  • Starting your own side gig, bridging career or a whole new business for yourself.
Feel Afraid to Move Forward
  • Feel paralysed by fear and cannot move forward.
  • Feel overwhelmed by anxiety in case you make the wrong decision.
  • Are afraid you do not have valuable transferable skills.



You are Ready for Change
  • Ready to for a career change, but unsure of next steps.
  • Afraid to change careers because you might not find anything suitable.
  • Need support to help you make the change you have been dreaming about.
  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed about how to change careers.
Willing to Commit to the Process & Do What it Takes
  • Must be ready to fully dedicated to the process and continue working between sessions.
  • Create time to prioritise your personal and career growth.
  • Have a "can-do" attitude.
Have a Learning Mindset
  • You love learning and are interested in personal and professional development.
  • You are deeply curious and open-minded.
  • You are non-judgemental.
  • You are willing to explore emotions and feelings.


You can Take Personal Accountability
  • You are prepared to be fully responsibile for your own experience.
  • You respect yourself and others.
  • You are willing to let go of unsupportive habits and beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You can admit to being wrong or making mistakes.


Ready to Invest in Creating Positive Change
  • Open to a honest change-audit to explore your relationship to change.
  • Ready to shift your mindset and focus on creative a new narrative.
  • Enthuasiasm to review your Change Story and learn from your past challenges.
Want to Feel Understood
  • By a certified coach who has been through a successful career pivot, so knows the challenges of the career exploration process and how to overcome them.
  •  And you are ready for a coach who is committed to you and the process of exploring, identifying and changing and/or levelling up your career.
  • By a coach who can hold space for you during this career change you are embarking on.


Why Now is the Time to Take Action

Here’s why you need to get inside Entrada Career Connection Program today...

- 85% of people are disengaged and unhappy in their career and they don't know what to do about it.  

It's time for a change, but when is the right time? 

- It takes courage to take action; we're only human after all!

- You might have some clarity on your next steps but still feel stuck.

- Change is hard and uncomfortable, you don't have to do it alone!

If you've made it this far you are ready to have

the freedom, money and time you want in your career. 

Don’t let another year go by before you achieve career clarity to work your dream!



If this program is not a fit for you, you will receive a full refund in 10 days*

*Except Membership that comes with a 30 Day Free Trial

Ready to Invest in the Life & Career You Deserve to Have?


A Great Place to Begin to Work Your Dream Faster!

from US$44

Program Value: $9336
What's included:
Proven Career Framework
Monthly Accountability
Monthly Live Online Masterclasses
Monthly Live Online Masterminds (Group Coaching Q&A)
Mastermind Recordings
Masterclass Recordings
Savings & Preferred rates on Sessions (Group and Individual)
Resource Library
Plus Much More!


Self-paced Career Exploration


for 3 payments or prepaid US$797.00
Program Value: $23277
What's included:
All Member Features
Private Online Group Support Portal 
Career Entrada Learning Portal
Unlimited Resources
30+ Hours Recorded Video Resources
Live Online Workshops
Live Online Master Classes
Session Recordings
12 Month Membership
DIY Course Updates
Discounted 1-on-1 and/or Follow-up Sessions Packages


Next enrollment - Waitlisted.


for 3 payments or prepaid US$3000.00
Program Value: $36771
What's included:
All Member Features
Private Online Group Support Portal 
Career Entrada Learning Portal
Unlimited Resources
30+ Hours Live Interaction 
Live Online Workshops
Live Online Master Classes
Session Recordings
12 Month Membership
DIY Course Early Access
Discounted 1-on-1 and/or Follow-up Sessions


Fully customized individual program for life and career.


for 3 payments or prepaid US$6000.00
Program Value: $57857
What's included:
All Community Features*
Personalized Entrada Plan
1-on-1 Sessions
Priority Phone, Chat & Email
Entrada Career Report
10-Session Packages Available
Intensives Option (1-7 days)
Priority Invites to Events and Exclusive Offers 
*Excludes 11 Live Online Workshops & Master Classes for Community Package

2024 ENTRADA Group Dates TBC


Through her highly skilled counselling, Rachel has enabled me to realize my professional potential and allow my career goals to be realized. Her expert guidance and sound ability to communicate the correct message were key aspects of my sessions with her. She helped to piece together my puzzle with her genuine ability to listen and offer specialized advice when it was necessary.


Is the ENTRADA Career Connection a Fit for Me?

This will help you decide if my ENTRADA Career Connection Program is right for you.

Too Expensive

How long have you been putting this career transition decision off? Have you calculated the cost of inaction? What is the cost to miss out on that next promotion, and/or being underemployed; are you stressed and miserable and losing priceless time with family, friends and yourself?

Too Long for the Process 

Is 3 months too long? How long have you been thinking of making a change? Feeling stuck? How long do you want to keep feeling that way?

The overall program is 3-10 months, but you start creating positive change from Day One! 

Not a Group Person 

Opt for the Premium package. Access to recordings and do it on own. Work at your pace with masterclasses. Submit questions that I can answer live in webinar and/or workshop and via the community channel.

Program Fatigue

Afraid you are signing up for another program and you will not be able to attain your career goals and greater clarity?

If this program is not a fit for you, you will receive a full refund in 10 days.

When will I find Career Clarity?

Each person is unique. The more you put into this program, the more you will gain from it. The onus is on you, but these techniques are proven when you apply them.

I don't feel Ready 

If you wait until you feel ready, you may always find another excuse to prioritize other areas of your life over your career. Do any of those excuses bring you closer to what you want in your life and career?

Too Much of a Commitment

Are the other areas where you are spending your time bringing you closer to what you want out of your optimal life and career? How would it be to invest your time in a life-changing process to gain the career clarity and life you desire?

Don’t have Time for the Program

Go at your own pace with the Self-Starter option or let’s discuss how I can customize an individual Premium package for you.

General Uncertainty 

Book a no-obligation Discovery Consult with me if you are still not sure you are ready to proactively create positive change in your life and career with me. I will refer you to previous clients who have been through my program if talking to me is not enough. 

Apply for Your Place in my
ENTRADA Career Connection Program Today!

I’m Ready, Rachel!

*Program changes may be made.

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